2013 Tokyo Auto Saloon

2013-01-17 17:33:02
We went to see Tokyo Auto Salon.
had a tight schedule buy really enjoyed whole day!
This was my first time been there, what a large scale,
really worth seeing it!
Car that was traumatic for me was this Toyota Prius
Military aircraft style. Two seats in pale?! "Awesome!"
No doors? "Terrific!"
Liberty Walk http://libertywalk.co.jp/
has such a great taste!
In number of cars like this, it is really necessary
to make an appeal for people.
I learned alot today. more photo coming up soon.

Get back to work

2013-01-06 13:56:41
A Happy New Year!
I just started work from yesterday.
This Honda Step Wagon rear floor became kinda shape now.
However, my paint shop is still being a New Year holiday, oh well.
A lot of things I got to do in this January.

The New 2013 year just has began.

Track day at Meihan Sports Land

2012-12-21 01:09:30
Track day at Meihan Sports Land for the first time after equipping with a lock kit.
Kind of regrettable that I was not able to run perfectly because of some engine trouble though, very much good feel I got on this kit.
It was perfect, even was first time track on Meihan after Lock Kit installed.
My run before could not get angle much before but now more angle by same driving style.

The Top Quality

2012-12-13 19:19:48
Although it is an "180SX" sales used car by ALL STANDARD
Beautiful like a new car! so as an engine room bro! It is just unbelievable selling such a beautiful state like this since the car is already passed
over 10years. should buy from them if you are looking for Silvia or 180sx.

Drill blade

2012-11-25 11:53:24
Nowadays, it's really hard to take off the welding spot successfully
when I use only a normal drill blade for the body work.

Good one of the curliness as the photo comes out when I use the drill
blade made for High-Tenshion metal, it shown that that I cut well.

Anyway, its pretty high that one drill blade cost more than JPY 10,000.

Well, I always use the good tools to give work efficiency.